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    Go to the home page

    Click register, choose a username, enter your email address and click register. We will then send you an email with an auto generated password on it.
    Check your email and sign in to the website with your username & password.

    Once logged in you’re done and you can post on the forum but take a couple of minutes to update your profile & change your password to something a little more memorable.

    Across the top of your web browser you should see a grey bar (if not please get in touch). Hover over your username in the grey bar and click ‘Edit My Profile’. Here you can enter your real name and update your nickname, which will show next to your forum posts in the future.

    If you scroll down the page you will also be able to change your password as well as uploading what they call an Avatar (your profile picture)
    Click browse to navigate to a suitable photo on your computer and click ok.

    Finally, and most importantly, you need to click ‘Update Profile’ when you are finished.

    Click ‘South Birmingham Scooter Club’ at the top of the page to return to the website.

    You can come back and update your profile whenever it takes your fancy.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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